Family Support Services

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)


Low-income families and individual adults are aided in becoming self-sufficient.  Assistance and training availability include:

  • Financial management

  • Job readiness training

  • Educational assistance

  • Employment assistance

  • Housing assistance

Participation is contingent upon space availability and enrollment.  Self-sufficiency services are offered in Iredell and Alexander counties. Program participants must sincerely focus their efforts on improving their present situations and conditions of poverty.

Eligibility is based on family size as it relates to the most current federal poverty guidelines. Also specific client services are based on individual client needs and the availability of funds.


Family Support Services Applications

Aplicaciones de Servicios de Apoyo Familiar

Complete the applications and email them to one of the staff listed below. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Program Staff

To speak with a staff person, please call (704) 872-8141

CSBG CARES NC Funding is now available to assist families! 

You must be a program participant before you can qualify for financial assistance


Committed to “Helping People, Help Themselves”, Shelton Moore is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Community Action. As the Family Support Services Director, Moore advocates for inclusion and opportunity for ALL. His experience and education include ten plus years of Community Action, a Baccalaureate of Science in Business, an Applied Science in Human Services, and he is a Certified ROMA Implementer.

Family Support Services Director


CSBG Case Manager

(Iredell & Alexander Counties)


CSBG Case Manager

(Iredell County)


CSBG CARES NC Case Manager

(Iredell & Alexander Counties)


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